Wednesday, October 17, 2007


A very bright light lifted into the upper atmosphere yesterday.

An artist and fashion designer who has probably done more to influence our local art and design culture than any other, has passed away.

Tiffa Novoa, known locally as part of El Circo, was a creator in the true and mythical sense. She designed not just clothing, but the shape of the beings who wore them.

She stood astride the crashing waves of fashion time with a legendary sensibility and prowess.

There is a point in any artist's life, when they must decide to what divine force they will dedicate themselves. Oh, to imagine that moment when Venus first called and Tiffa answered.

There is in the Greek, the concept of "Arete." It roughly translates as "excellence", but more essentially, it is that guiding principle that leads to the fulfillment of life's potential.

Tiffa's was a superior soul, one whose very presence provoked humility in those wise enough to know the difference between the great and the sublime.

How many did she influence and inspire? Look around you at your next gathering, at your next "conference of the birds." Will an endless number suffice? It will have to.

She was not on the cover of Vogue because no one at Vogue had yet developed the eyes to see the "excellence" that Tiffa herself saw. They would have come around eventually, assuming Tiffa was still interested in such campy haute b'ness.

The point for her, I don't think was fame or money. I didn't know her well enough to know for sure, but from all that I have seen and heard and all that I read in her face and in her words, I would guess that the point was transformation - the inevitable transformation of humans into what they might become; given enough light, given enough beauty and given enough love.

The constellations in the sky were as god-like instructors for early man. Their names and powers were born from the stories that people made up and shared around fires.

Such stories were driven by extraordinary beings who came to earth to inspire us and to send us on great and adventurous journeys.

Look up there after tonight and you might catch a glimpse of a newly returned goddess dancing among them; her shoulders encrusted with tiny stars and laced by whispy seams.

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At 4:22 PM, Blogger miss velvet cream said...

i will miss her magic hands and heart and her eagle eye. tiffa always gave me faith in the integrity of pure art, in the power of commUNITY, and in the vision of tomorrow. if some beautiful warrior woman could blaze the trail to make any dream come true, then she was the bright light on the path leading ahead, changing hearts and minds and ways of looking all over the world...
i mourn your passing

At 12:57 AM, Blogger Satsi said...

She inspired me the first moment I saw her all those years ago which seem like yesterday. My art has never been the same.

Thank you Tiffany. You are back in the company of the Angels. Back home. Back from whence your inspiration and imagination sprung forth to bless us All.

Much love.

At 2:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This may be my favorite article that I have found to describe Tiffa's passing. Thank you. I continue to be fueled by the inspiration within her echo. ~f


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