Thursday, June 07, 2007


Here's a link that introduces a collaboration project idea I'm stirring up called "Clownspiracy Theory."

How to describe it? How about an "interactive circus theater collaborative supergame" for adventurous urban tribalists?

Whatever more it might be, remains for someone other than me to suggest.

In any case, a little reading should make it clear fairly quickly what kind of arty/peformance/techy weather balloon I'm attempting to launch.

Any questions, comments or suggestions you might have, please feel free to add them here or send them along to me.

And if you do not find the idea of interest, perhaps you know someone who might find it so. In that case, please forward this link to them.

~ In addition to the above, here's a link to an evolving page of Spoon Links (mostly audio and video) that deal with subjects I find particularly arresting.

Here we go again, eh?

-m (